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The 30th Anniversary Todai-Unistra Symposium on Complexity

Du 23 mai 2019 au 24 mai 2019

Relations between the University of Strasbourg (Unistra) and the University of Tokyo (Todai) date back to end of the 19th century, when young scientists from Tokyo, came to Strasbourg to perfect their knowledge with their colleagues in Strasbourg. Inversely, a professor from Strasbourg taught zoology at the Imperial University of Tokyo, and his magnificent collection of marine animals from Sagami Bay is still kept at the Zoology Museum in Strasbourg (Doederlein collection). From 1957, exchanges in chemistry fields were developed with the initiative of Prof. Guy Ourisson (the first President of Louis Pasteur University, 1970).

In January 1989, Professor Wataru Mori, President of the University of Tokyo and Professor Gilbert Laustriat, President of Louis Pasteur University (presently the University of Strasbourg, Unistra) signed in Tokyo the convention concerning academic exchanges and collaborations. The present symposium is organized to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this agreement. Since 1989, various scientific collaborations attest to the dynamism of the exchanges.

Since the research in our two universities covers a large scope of scientific domains, we propose to tackle “complexity” in a wide diversity of domains and show the importance of transdisciplinary approaches in modern science.

The detailed program of the Symposium as well as the registration site are found on :

Registration is free but obligatory